Frequently Asked Questions

How much does one order of personalized diapers cost?

Each order which includes 28 personalized diapers, a personalized gift card, a reusable gift box and free ground shipping costs $49.99. Additional sales tax or state taxes may apply depending on your location.

Is each Huggies® Made by You gift box eligible for Huggies® Rewards points?

Yes! Inside each Huggies® Made by You gift box, recipients will find a promo code card worth 1,500 points! Just download the Huggies Rewards app and enter the code to start getting rewarded!

What size and quantities do Huggies® Made by You™ come in?

Our Huggies® Made by You™ diapers come in a size 1 (8-14lbs) and each box has 28 diapers. We currently offer 1 design per box.

How many prints/designs are available?

We offer 5 collections and each collection has 9 patterns, so 45 patterns total! But, you can also add badges, colors, and different messages – have fun! 

What is included in my order?

Included in your order are 28 customized diapers- Made by You™! The order comes in a box that we hope will be reused in a unique way. It also includes your personal message as well as an informational card about our Huggies Rewards program

Can I send a customized message to the person receiving the gift?

When you place your order, you can pick from 4 personalized messages to be included in your gift. 

How many characters/spaces do I have to use on the personal message?

You can add a message using up to 13 characters such as a name, initials or whatever fun message you choose!

Can I upload my own design or image?

Only the designs from the collections can be used to customize the Huggies® Made by You™ diapers you create. You can take a look at to see our fun and fashionable designs and start customizing your diapers with a print, badge, and special message.

Can I send these as a gift or do they get delivered to me?

You will have the option to have Huggies® Made by You™ diapers delivered to you or shipped to whoever is receiving this gift. You choose!

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when your order is placed. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account at

Am I able to cancel my order?

Once an order has been placed, there is a 60 minute period during which the order is canceled. Please call us at 1-844-805-8141.

Why does the diaper look different than the image on the website?

Please note due to the materials used to make your diapers soft, the brightness of the image is muted. There may be some variation from what you see on the diaper example on your screen.